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A reminder: DepicT! 2014 wants your shorts!

Please share through your networks. The competition is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, and entry is absolutely free – but there is ONE caveat: Your film MUST be 90 seconds or less in duration. Get creative in just a minute and a half to be in with a chance of winning up to £2500 prize money, invaluable industry exposure, and a host of other exclusive prizes. We want to see great films – it doesn’t matter what your budget is or what genre you’re working in. For a full list of prizes, visit:

Why 90 Seconds?… because it will challenge you to think creatively and to cut ruthlessly. More importantly, it will get you and your work noticed. We recently caught up with British filmmaker Ninian Doff of DepicT! 2013 fame – scooping both the Main DepicT! Award and The Shooting People RPS Audience Award with comedic gem Cool Unicorn Bruv – to gain some insight for those of you who are thinking of applying: "Constraint is a very useful tool for creativity. Forcing yourself to tell a story in 90 seconds makes you lose all extraneous or self indulgent elements. I think a big problem with short films is they are often not very short! I love the 90 second format." 

“There’s something about the 90 second format – longer than a commercial, but shorter than [most] shorts – that seems to bring out a really high level of invention and experimentation.” DepicT! 2013 winner Mole Hill (The Fat Cat)

You have until Mon 7 July 2014 to enter your film – meaning there is plenty of time to read the rules and get some more inspiration by checking out our archive of 18 years of teeny, tiny shorts at