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Május végén a kanadai Soulpepper Academy 6 diákját látta vendégül Marton László negyedéves színművész osztálya. A vendégek részt vettek az osztályfőnök óráin, mozgás órákon, este pedig színházi programokat szervezett nekik a Marton-osztály. Gordon Hewitt hallgató köszönőlevele.

To My Wonderful Hungarian Friends

   It is with both great joy and sadness I write this message. Joy because of how wonderful the experience of seeing all of you was, and sadness because it is time for me to leave. As I was leaving Budapest it took all of my effort to hold back my tears. I felt a very similar feeling last summer when you wonderful hungarians had to leave toronto. I found myself replaying every memory I have of your wonderful city and of your wonderful class. I want to hold all of these experiences with as much vividness as I can. They are as precious to me as all of your friendships.

   Of course, it makes the most sense to start off speaking a little bit about the theatre in Budapest. While all of it was exotic, deeply interesting and emotionally stimulating, my favourite performances were yours without question. You are such a talented and special class. Your Nutcracker was imaginative and hysterically funny. Your Blood Wedding was intensely focused and beautifully specific. Your Twelfth Night was one of the best shakespeare performances I have ever seen. You approach all of your work with an adventurous spirit, a deep understanding of the text, a sensitivity to yourselves and your partners and your work is what I will be raving about when I get back to Toronto.

   Your hospitality was amazing. You all made sure that we felt safe, organized, helped and entertained. You went way above and beyond what we expected. We not only felt taken care of, we felt loved. This hospitality was what made me close to tears as I was leaving your city. It is what makes my hands quiver right now as I type this message. I can not thank you all enough. Your love and support was felt throughout our entire trip.

   If I am writing in generalities, the reason for this is because I am trying to encompass all of my gratitude and all of your wonderfulness in a single message. This message of course extends to all the others outside of your class who made us feel at home. Please send this message of gratitude on to all who had a hand in this wonderful journey. Your tour guides, your teachers, your girlfriends and boyfriends and the people who work in the buffet all have my deepest thanks.

   Although a large part of me is sad that this chapter of our friendship has come to an end, a larger part of me is excited about what our future holds. I know that this is not the last time that our paths cross. I feel that we must perform together at some point. To make this happen I will offer whatever efforts I can. I don’t want to speak for anyone else but I am sure that I will not be the only wheel turning towards this effort. You have all touched me very deeply and I am happy to have you all as a part of my life. I have faith that we will see each other again, my only hope is that it happens sooner rather than later.

I Love You All

Gordon Hecht